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Outsourcing Emotional Labor

No, outsourcing emotional labor is not some geo-political strategy by corporations to improve profits. This is a reality that women have been aware of for a long time. Simply put, outsourcing emotional labor is a description of how men often leave the emotional work in… continue reading Outsourcing Emotional Labor

The Risks in “High Risk Drinking”

Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Some folks will just tip a few back, while others will participate in many more leading to “high risk drinking.” In my last article, I outlined the 4 Types of Drinkers. Type 3 (a… continue reading The Risks in “High Risk Drinking”

Won’t You Please, Please Help Me?

In 1965, a young shaggy-haired man named John from Liverpool pleaded for support in one of Rolling Stone’s top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, Help by the Beatles. Yet today “won’t you please, please help me?” isn’t a plea you’ll likely hear from most men today. Most men… continue reading Won’t You Please, Please Help Me?

The 4 Types of Drinkers

September is National Recovery Month. My work with male clients who have substance problems has taught me that there are basically 4 Relationships to Alcohol. For the sake of discussion keep in mind that one drink is considered a 12 oz beer, 5 oz glass… continue reading The 4 Types of Drinkers

We need your help!

One of our therapists, and Director of the Men’s Resource Center Randy Flood, is co-authoring a book to help women understand what’s going on inside men’s heads. Due to the lack of research on this topic, Randy and his co-author Charlie Donaldson, are conducting their… continue reading We need your help!

Men’s Support Systems are Vital

Putting the terms “men” and “support” together may still be considered an oxymoron. The ideas that “men don’t ask for directions,” or “men don’t ask for help” continue to describe a reality for many men. It is not uncommon for the concept of support to be… continue reading Men’s Support Systems are Vital

Gender – Not Race – is Biggest Factor in Violent Behavior

Since The Grand Rapids Press featured an article on black men killing black men, people have weighed in with their analyses of the problem. They’ve presented a myriad of causes such as poor education, poverty, ineffective parenting, racism, etc., but the most common denominator, male… continue reading Gender – Not Race – is Biggest Factor in Violent Behavior