Serving Grand Rapids since 1974

Mission Statement

Welcome to The Fountain Hill Center, a nonprofit collective of highly trained and licensed therapists serving the West Michigan community. We maintain two offices, one in the Heritage Hill neighborhood of Grand Rapids and the other in New Era, ensuring our services are within reach for those in need.

We offer therapy that encompasses individual counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples, specialized court-related services, and professional services. We work with various insurance plans and have flexible fees based on your financial situation. Additionally, our intern program allows us to offer high quality care at a significantly reduced rate. Our initiatives range from fostering a sense of togetherness to education, aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental health.


Our Values


Our work focuses on candor, kindness, and appreciation; cultivating the truths that we share together


No matter your race, gender identity, social class, ability or circumstance, we believe that everyone deserves respect and support as they seek wellbeing and personal satisfaction


We cultivate the courage to tackle challenges with honesty in order to effectively support individual and community wellbeing


Together we nurture a culture of excellence, innovation, creativity, and a space to be your true self



Our clients and visitors frequently comment on the cozy atmosphere of our beautiful and unique historic home. We provide a sense of comfort not found in most other counseling centers. We hope you find our home a beneficial place in your journey toward healing and recovery.


The Marriage and Family Center changed its name to The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation. Over the years we have had a variety of wonderful staff join. Some have stayed for decades, while others have come and gone within years. Each diversifying the services available to our community.


With the help of a generous and supportive donor, The Marriage and Family Center purchased the entire house from Central Reformed Church.

1974 – 1986

The Marriage and Family Center (now The Fountain Hill Center) was established by Central Reformed Church. A group of people from Central believed that the Church should create a counseling center if it was to take “caring” seriously. The counseling center would serve both the congregation of Central, as well as the greater Grand Rapids community.

Andy Atwood, then working at Central as a part-time Minister to Singles, became the Center’s first staff member and our founder. The Center began leasing the first floor for office space in 1975. By 1986 it had expanded to the second floor, while the third floor remained an apartment.


Central Reformed Church purchased the house from the Irwin family with the intention of demolishing it to expand their parking lot. The federally protected Heritage Hill Historic District was formed shortly after the purchase, making the house a permanent piece of Grand Rapids history. The house became a rental property with several apartments.

The balcony above the front desk was the location for the original staircase. When the house was converted to apartments, the original staircase was removed—creating our “balcony to nowhere.” A new staircase was built to accommodate a multi-unit floor plan.


The Blair family sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Earle S. Irwin of Irwin Seating Company, the world leader in public seating. Earle Irwin was also director of Michigan National Bank and a trustee of Butterworth Hospital. In 1924, the Irwin family converted the third floor to a ping pong and billiards recreation room so that the then-current city tennis champion (Earle’s son, William) and the former champion (Earle) could keep their skills fresh during the winter months.


The Bundy family sold the house to the Blair family.


McGeorge Bundy’s fiancée was given this house by her father as a wedding gift. The same year, McGeorge returned from France after serving as a U.S. Diplomatic Corps member. Bundy’s grandsons, McGeorge and William, notably served in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.


How We Operate

As a Center, we work together to hone our counseling practices and put our vocations to work. We respond, not only to the needs of our clients, but those of the surrounding neighborhoods and broader community. Always keeping in mind the ways in which individual healing and transformation are the foundation for community health and wholeness.

Working together is our model for growth. We don’t create executive initiatives and then implement them into our communities. Instead, we listen to our neighbors and respond to their genuine needs. For us, this occurs in a coordinated structure in which we strive to reach all of our decisions by consensus. We believe this structure to be the heart and soul of the counseling dynamic, and we incorporate these principles of collaboration and inclusion into our day to day operations.

Board Of Trustees

The Fountain Hill Center is guided and overseen by  a Board of Trustees, composed of up to 12 board members.

The Board of Trustees has always played a vital role in maintaining the health of the Center and planning for the future.

Fountain Hill Center Board Members:

  • Ann Jackson - President
  • David Brown - Past President
  • Matt Wieringa - Vice President
  • Joe VanLaan - Treasurer 
  • Amy Van Gunst - Executive Coordinator
  • Lou Canfield - Trustee
  • Rob Conrad - Trustee
  • Byard Bennett - Trustee
  • Chris Genther - Trustee
  • Molly Gurski - Trustee
  • Adela Melara - Trustee
  • Joe Royston - Trustee

Careers at Fountain Hill

Join our team! Fountain Hill offers a diverse range of career opportunities, from healthcare and education to local businesses, making it a thriving community for professional growth.

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