Jan began her bodywork career in 1997 upon learning Reiki and has added several other modalities in the years since. Jan’s modalities include CranioSacral Therapy, Essential Oils, Spiritual Direction, and the use of both PSYCH-K and Access Bars. These modalities are integrated into her sessions, depending on each client’s needs.To enhance her practice, Jan focuses her work on:

  • Balancing the chakras and the energy field
  • Releasing tension as found in the body
  • Clearing stuck or trapped emotions from the body
  • Clearing negative beliefs
  • Opening Acupuncture Meridians using finger pressure

A Bodywork Session is confidential, safe, peaceful, and relaxing. It is done while the client is fully clothed, lying on a heated massage table, with soft music playing in the background.

Jan has a degree in Psychology & Sociology from Hope College and a Master of Management Degree from Aquinas College. She has also completed the Spiritual Direction Program at the Dominican Center at Marywood where she practiced her bodywork modalities for 9 years, before opening her private practice in 2009. Since 1997, she has trained close to 500 people in Reiki Therapy, believing that our community would be better off if there was a Reiki Practitioner in every home.