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Violence: a Social Toxin

I’m concerned about how parents trivialize violent media. The proverbial argument that not all kids who play violent video games commit violent acts is a short-sighted rationalization for not limiting children’s exposure to violent media. Psychologist James Gabarino, Ph.D., discusses how violent media is a… continue reading Violence: a Social Toxin

Violent Acts Reflect Broader Issues

In July, the Grand Rapids community was witness to four lives lost to domestic violence. Three slayings and one suicide asked families, schools, churches, neighborhoods and the community at large to make sense of the violence around them. Historically, we have tried to convince ourselves… continue reading Violent Acts Reflect Broader Issues

Gender – Not Race – is Biggest Factor in Violent Behavior

Since The Grand Rapids Press featured an article on black men killing black men, people have weighed in with their analyses of the problem. They’ve presented a myriad of causes such as poor education, poverty, ineffective parenting, racism, etc., but the most common denominator, male… continue reading Gender – Not Race – is Biggest Factor in Violent Behavior