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2014 Fall-Winter Newsletter

Read what we’ve been up to in our 2014 Fall-Winter Newsletter!

How Neurofeedback Can Help with ADHD

Neurofeedback can be used to treat ADHD (as well as depression/anxiety, pain management, epilepsy, PTSD). Although it’s not a cure, clients often no longer need to take medication or are able to significantly reduce medication. September is ADHD Awareness Month and a major part of awareness is… continue reading How Neurofeedback Can Help with ADHD

The 4 Types of Drinkers

September is National Recovery Month. My work with male clients who have substance problems has taught me that there are basically 4 Relationships to Alcohol. For the sake of discussion keep in mind that one drink is considered a 12 oz beer, 5 oz glass… continue reading The 4 Types of Drinkers

What’s a Substance Abuse Assessment?

September is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month. For many people, a major step toward recovery was getting a substance abuse assessment. Depending on the individual’s circumstance, the reason one may seek an assessment could be: Required: a person is legally required to get one Highly Recommended:… continue reading What’s a Substance Abuse Assessment?

Squirrel… Shiny… ADD?

Did you ever wonder whether you might have ADD? Have people joked that you had an attention problem? Every year we discover people who have been trying so hard just to keep their heads above water asking themselves: “I should be able to do this — why… continue reading Squirrel… Shiny… ADD?