Musings From Andy Atwood

The Creation of The Fountain Hill Center and its sustaining presence in our community, is the result of a whole lot of creative effort from a whole lot of wonderful…

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A look Back 50 Years

By Rev. Dr. Andrew D. Atwood In 1974, I arrived at Central Reformed Church with nothing, quite literally. Bud Ridder was the senior Minister at the time, and he had…

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Am I Experiencing Normal Grief or Am I Depressed?

Grief is a natural response to loss. We all grieve in different ways. Normal Grief is a natural, intense, and may lessen in a matter of weeks or months allowing you to return to your daily routine. Normal Grief can interfere with depression and emotional or mental concerns you may already be dealing with. A mental health professional can support you in your grief, help to manage your depression, and improve your mental health.

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