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Stacked Trauma

Most traumas aren’t simple; they involve many levels and types of experiences. Gail Johnson calls this “stacked trauma” and has this advice for sorting through trauma and discovering balance in the aftermath of trauma:    When it comes to stacked trauma, it helps to think visually:… continue reading Stacked Trauma

Tips for Dealing with Trauma During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be especially difficult for folks who are grieving or who have experienced trauma. Gail Johnson has some tips for how to regain a sense of calm and perspective when a situation this holiday season confounds and overwhelms you.   First, pause…… continue reading Tips for Dealing with Trauma During the Holiday Season

“Big T” vs. “Little t” Trauma

More than mind and body can bear Trauma is just that—more than mind and body can bear without causing disruption of our lives. We have finally come to recognize the trauma of our returning veterans, survivors of natural disasters, car crashes, domestic violence, and deaths of… continue reading “Big T” vs. “Little t” Trauma

Squirrel… Shiny… ADD?

Did you ever wonder whether you might have ADD? Have people joked that you had an attention problem? Every year we discover people who have been trying so hard just to keep their heads above water asking themselves: “I should be able to do this — why… continue reading Squirrel… Shiny… ADD?

6 Ways to Manage Stress and Pressure Build Up

Everywhere in nature and the world around us, we recognize that when stress and pressure build up — a plugged volcano, a pipeline, or a steel girder undergoing too much pressure — it cannot continue indefinitely. Something has to give. The volcano overflows, the pipeline blows, the… continue reading 6 Ways to Manage Stress and Pressure Build Up

Anxiety – Many Forms, Many Skills

It’s the physical symptoms that overwhelm us… Adrenaline pumping Fast breathing Heart racing Stomach churning Vision narrowing Muscles tightening Palms sweating Dizziness Surviving this body onslaught seems impossible to halt. But you can handle it, and not just with the proper medications, though they may… continue reading Anxiety – Many Forms, Many Skills