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Welcome, Dr. Jessica Gladden

The Fountain Hill Center is pleased to welcome new counselor Jessica Gladden as a part-time member of our permanent staff. Jessica will be seeing clients at the Grand Rapids Office on Tuesday afternoons and evenings, while continuing to teach in Ferris State University’s Social Work… continue reading Welcome, Dr. Jessica Gladden

So, Who Needs Therapy Anyway?

Perhaps there has been a time when you… -wished you had a best friend who was available to listen to something you were upset about -had a secret which was bothering you and you didn’t feel you could tell anyone -you felt so depressed, anxious,… continue reading So, Who Needs Therapy Anyway?

Mental illness doesn’t have to be a secret

There are movies made about it. Celebrities devote entire interviews to talking about it. And authors write books on it. But, our kids can’t talk about it at school. And adults can’t openly embrace it. Shame, confusion and misunderstanding continue to surround it. There’s no… continue reading Mental illness doesn’t have to be a secret