Because we’ve gotta struggle…we’ve gotta laugh. The pain involved in overcoming obstacles and the joy that comes with reaching our goals go hand in hand. Through our work at the Fountain Hill Center’s Lakeshore Counseling Office, more of our friends and neighbors in Oceana County have the chance to experience that joy, and to dry tears with laughter. We think that’s truly a cause for celebration, and we hope you will join us!

On March 7th, 6:30-9pm, plan on heading to Player’s Bar and Grille (formerly Applewood Grille: 3666 Scenic Drive, Shelby, MI) for a night of family-friendly comedy from award-winning comedian Michael Joiner and inspiring stories about our work at the Lakeshore Counseling Office. Tickets are $50 and include dinner and non-alcoholic beverages.

“This is a great opportunity to get involved in the health of our community,” says Fountain Hill Center Executive Coordinator, Amy Van Gunst. “The work we do in Oceana County transforms the whole community, one person at a time. When we help one person, it has a ripple effect throughout every life that person touches. When folks visit us, they become better colleagues, better parents, better neighbors, and more dynamic members of our community.” That’s why the Fountain Hill Center provides services regardless of an individual’s ability to pay for them.  We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish.”

We hope you’ll support that vision by celebrating Laughing Matters with us. All proceeds will go directly to providing someone in need with counseling services. Your laughter will translate directly into someone’s healing.

Find out more about Michael Joiner at

Get your tickets by calling (616) 456-1178 or buy online by clicking the flyer below.

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