About Fountain Hill Center

  • Board Members

    Fountain Hill Center Board Members: John Byl Stephen Craig Suzanne Hedstrom Diane Maodush-Pitzer Steve Miedema Wendy Olson Chris Pigorsh   Lakeshore Advisory Board: Ann Byl Tammy Carey Shelly Comstock Pat Fanberg Tony Holmes-Curran Lynette Lentz Danielle MacGuire Theresa Mead Beth Pranger Stephanie Wagner Paula VanDuinen

  • Business Model

    In so many ways, we think of ourselves as a family and this center as a part of a neighborhood and community that wants to grow and to thrive.  We operate from a lovely Heritage Hill home, The George Bundy House, built in 1884, and we are… continue reading Business Model

  • History

       The Fountain Hill Center’s main office is located in Grand Rapid Michigan’s Heritage Hill Historical District that boasts a local history spanning 130 years. The district is one of the largest urban historic districts in the United States and represent Michigan’s largest and finest concentration… continue reading History

  • Mission Statement

    The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation provides pathways to healing and transformation, both personal and relational, through diverse and innovative therapeutic, educational, evaluative, and consultative services.

  • Support Staff

    Becky, Sandy Maggie make up the support staff for Fountain Hill Center. Contact them with questions or scheduling needs at (616) 456-1178 or send them an email using their contact form. Rebecca Plantinga, Executive Assistant Since 2003, Becky has been matching clients with therapists best suited… continue reading Support Staff