About Fountain Hill Center

  • Board Members

    Fountain Hill Center Board Members: John Byl Stephen Craig Suzanne Hedstrom Diane Maodush-Pitzer Steve Miedema Wendy Olson Chris Pigorsh   Lakeshore Advisory Board: Ann Byl Tammy Carey Shelly Comstock Pat Fanberg Tony Holmes-Curran Lynette Lentz Danielle MacGuire Theresa Mead Beth Pranger Stephanie Wagner Paula VanDuinen

  • Business Model

    Introduction There are two areas of interest in this description of our rather unique business model. The first speaks to the “Structures and Mechanics” of our model, and the second to “Our Culture”. We always welcome inquiries from other mental health providers who are interested… continue reading Business Model

  • History

       The Fountain Hill Center’s main office is located in Grand Rapid Michigan’s Heritage Hill Historical District that boasts a local history spanning 130 years. The district is one of the largest urban historic districts in the United States and represent Michigan’s largest and finest concentration… continue reading History

  • Mission Statement

    The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation provides pathways to healing and transformation, both personal and relational, through diverse and innovative therapeutic, educational, evaluative, and consultative services.

  • Support Staff

    Becky, Sandy Maggie make up the support staff for Fountain Hill Center. Contact them with questions or scheduling needs at (616) 456-1178 or send them an email using their contact form. Rebecca Plantinga, Executive Assistant Since 2003, Becky has been matching clients with therapists best suited… continue reading Support Staff