Women’s Yoga for Mindfulness

Women's Yoga for Mindfulness: Mondays, 9/10-10/15

Women’s Yoga for Mindfulness provides women already in therapy with the opportunity to reconnect to their physical bodies, identities, and sensations through yoga. Unlike traditional talk therapy, yoga therapy works with the same part of the brain that stores trauma and stress. When this part of the brain is activated, the energy stored during traumatic or stressful experiences can actually be released, rather than cognitively processed.

All body types and ability levels are welcome in Women’s Yoga for Mindfulness. The focus of each session will be on reconnecting with one’s own physical sensations in a safe and supported setting.

Fountain Hill Center therapist Jessica Gladden will be facilitating these sessions at Wealthy Theatre. Cost is $200 for all 6 sessions. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance accepted; full- and half-scholarships also available on a limited basis.

Enrollment is first-come, first-served. To register, call (616) 456-1178 or email contact@fountainhillcenter.com.