By: Heather Miller, Marriage and Family Counseling Intern

Looking to improve your relationship?

Feel like you may have lost that spark you once had?

Spice up your routine with these uncommon ways to show your significant other love.  Greatly improve your relationship and increase your relationship satisfaction with a few simple tips!

couple holding hands--  CC Image courtesy of JD the Photog on Flickr

Accept your partner for who they are, not who you want them to become. Each of us is looking for genuine acceptance within the intimate partnership. Empathy is a helpful and essential tool aid in accepting your partner. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. How does it feel? What is it like? By walking in the shoes of our partner, we can develop a greater sense of unconditional love, which in turn creates a greater sense of acceptance.

Create purposeful rituals together. These rituals can be anything: from monthly Friday night date nights to something as simple as taking 15 minutes every evening to discuss your day with one another. Although many things can get in the way of these daily, weekly, or monthly rituals such as our busy day-to-day schedules, it’s important for the health of your relationship to carve out time to devote to each other.

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Express your love in the way that your significant other desires it. As Gary Chapman explains in his book The 5 Love Languages, there are five common love languages or ways that people use to express and feel loved. These include spending quality time together, speaking words of affirmation, giving gifts, doing an act of service, and lastly, physical touch.

An uncommon way to show your significant other love is to speak with your partner about when and how they feel the most loved. This will lead you to discover their primary ways for feeling love from you. This practice is not natural for some; in fact, most people show love to their partner in the ways they like to receive love. If both partners have different love languages, showing love to the other won’t be natural and will take some practice to think how the other person feels.

For example, let’s say your partner feels loved the most by physical touch, next time you are out for a walk reach out and hold their hand, give them a goodnight kiss, or snuggle up close to them on the couch next time you watch your favorite movie together. If they feel most loved through acts of service, consider making them breakfast in bed on a cozy weekend morning.

five love langugages book--  CC Image courtesy of camerabee on Flickr

These ways to show your significant other love, acceptance, creating purposeful rituals, and using your partner’s love language are a few helpful tips to create a deeper, more intimate, and more satisfying relationship.