Would you like to know if you have depression? Or, how about your LOVED ONE?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Does your family think you are irritable? Is your appetite really “off” lately? Would you just like to be left alone? Do you just wish you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow? Depression can look, sound, and feel like this. Test yourself (or your loved one) by answering the following questions:

  1. Do you feel sad, empty, blue, or cry a lot?
  2. If you are a teen or a child, are you very irritable?
  3. Are you no longer interested in activities that used to be fun for you?
  4. Have your eating habits changed a lot lately?
  5. Have your sleeping habits changed a lot lately?
  6. Are you or other people noticing that you are restless or agitated?
  7. Or have people begun noticing that you are barely moving at all?
  8. Are you experiencing fatigue or loss of energy?
  9. Are you isolating yourself from friends and family?
  10. Do you feel worthless most of the time?
  11. Do you feel inappropriately guilty most of the time?
  12. Are you finding it hard to make decisions?
  13. Are you having trouble concentrating?
  14. Are you thinking a lot about dying?
  15. Do you wish you just wouldn’t wake up tomorrow?

If you said “yes” to more than a few of these questions, it is possible that you (or your loved one) are suffering from depression. Depression can respond to a variety of interventions, including environmental and behavioral changes, medication, beneficial changes in thinking processes, physical exercise, relaxation, and other measures. Gail has worked with individuals with depression for over 15 years. She will work closely with you and other health professionals as needed to determine the best course of treatment for you.