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What Your Therapist Does on Vacation

Do you ever wonder what your therapist does when they go on vacation from the Fountain Hill Center? Of course, everyone’s vacation time is different. However, I have been encouraged to share with you what my upcoming travels will look like. I am very excited… continue reading What Your Therapist Does on Vacation

Healing Trauma With Yoga Therapy

By Jessica Gladden If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for healing of some kind, either for yourself or for someone else. As a Licensed Master Social Worker and certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, I’ve come to believe that you have everything you need… continue reading Healing Trauma With Yoga Therapy

Stacked Trauma

Most traumas aren’t simple; they involve many levels and types of experiences. Gail Johnson calls this “stacked trauma” and has this advice for sorting through trauma and discovering balance in the aftermath of trauma:    When it comes to stacked trauma, it helps to think visually:… continue reading Stacked Trauma

“Big T” vs. “Little t” Trauma

More than mind and body can bear Trauma is just that—more than mind and body can bear without causing disruption of our lives. We have finally come to recognize the trauma of our returning veterans, survivors of natural disasters, car crashes, domestic violence, and deaths of… continue reading “Big T” vs. “Little t” Trauma