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2018 Summer Newsletters

We have lots of news for you in our 2018 Summer Newsletters! The last few months have been action-packed ones for us at the Fountain Hill Center. In February, we hosted our most successful Laughing Matters fundraiser ever. In May and June, we hired three… continue reading 2018 Summer Newsletters

Welcome, Leigh Ellis

The Fountain Hill Center is pleased to welcome new counselor Leigh Ellis as a full-time member of our permanent staff! Leigh completed her counseling internship at FHC in May and her bridging in September of 2017. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health… continue reading Welcome, Leigh Ellis

Laughing Matters

Because we’ve gotta struggle…we’ve gotta laugh. The pain involved in overcoming obstacles and the joy that comes with reaching our goals go hand in hand. Through our work at the Fountain Hill Center’s Lakeshore Counseling Office, more of our friends and neighbors in Oceana County… continue reading Laughing Matters