Lakeshore Counseling

New Era Reformed Church - Exterior

The Fountain Hill Center Lakeshore Office is located inside New Era Reformed Church (4775 1st St | New Era, MI 49446).

About Our Lakeshore Office

The Fountain Hill Center has been providing innovative counseling and consultation services to residents of Oceana County since 2002 through our Lakeshore Office.

The Lakeshore Office provides counseling and mental health services regardless of a client’s ability to pay. These services are vital. Thriving communities are built by individuals who have the support they need to reach their full potentials. We believe that everyone should have access to mental health and wellness services, and thanks to our donors and community partners, we’re able to ensure that a lack of access to counseling doesn’t stand in the way of flourishing communities in Oceana and surrounding counties.

How Our Lakeshore Office is Funded

We are especially grateful to the following organizations for their recent and continuing support of programs and services at The Fountain Hill Center Lakeshore Office:

We also could not do our work without the community support generated by our annual Laughing Matters fundraiser. This year’s event set new records for the number of attendees, sponsors, and dollars donated. Find out more about this year’s supporters here.

For More Information

To find out more about services offered at our Lakeshore Office or to see about scheduling an appointment, please contact our Office Manager, Becky Plantinga, at (616) 458-1256.

To find out how you can support the programs and services offered by our Lakeshore Office, please check out our Get Involved page, or contact our Advancement and Communications Coordinator, Julianne Day, at (616) 456-1178.