Dégagé Minstries Men’s Group

This group was started more than three years ago. It was a joint effort between Ada Bible Church and the Christian Counseling Center and is run by Dr. Dave Thornsen. The Men’s Group meets every Monday morning all year long and has become an encouraging and predictable way for its members to start each week. Members meet to discuss whatever they might need to talk about, maybe something they have been going through or something that has been on their mind. Topics often include life in the missions, addictions, employment issues, divorce, mental illness, God and more.

The most valuable aspect of the Men’s Group is that it gives the guys a healthy and positive place to belong. Men come to the group each week, not only to talk but also to listen. They have an opportunity to share and speak as well as an opportunity to give to each other.

(Since beginning this group the funds provided by other organizations has been depleted. This is now a personal mission for Dr. Thornsen.)