a neighborhood counseling program

The Flourishing Program is designed for individuals, couples and families who need counseling support but can’t fit it into their budgets.  We know that stress, anxiety and the need for support do not differentiate between folks according to their income status — and we don’t either.

That’s why we invest in Flourishing — so that we can provide counseling to everyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay. Under the supervision of our Executive Coordinator, some of West Michigan’s most talented counseling interns work with folks from all shapes and backgrounds to ensure that everyone in our communities has the counseling and therapeutic resources they need to meet their full potentials. We do this because we know that when our friends and neighbors have access to innovative and trusted mental health and wellness therapies, then our communities have the strong foundation they need to grow, thrive and become, to their fullest potentials.

Call today — no insurance necessary, low incomes welcome. We offer services for everyone in an environment where you can relax, with people you can trust.