• Altogether Boys

    Clinical research indicates that middle school is perhaps the most delicate time in a boy’s development and that the choices we make for our sons now, the support we give or do not give them, will shape the men they become tomorrow. The Altogether Boys program… continue reading Altogether Boys

  • CASA Program – Oceana County

    What is CASA? CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. CASA volunteers speak up for the needs of abused and neglected children in the family court system. Each volunteer receives professional training and is assigned one child or sibling group at a time. Children who… continue reading CASA Program – Oceana County

  • Equine Therapy

    What is Equine Therapy? Equine therapy is a form of experiential therapy that uses horses as a means of discovering more about people’s inner emotional states and patterns of thought and behavior. According to Fountain Hill Center Therapist and EAGALA-Certified Equine Assisted Mental Health Specialist… continue reading Equine Therapy

  • Flourishing

    a neighborhood counseling program The Flourishing Program is designed for individuals, couples and families who need counseling support but can’t fit it into their budgets.  We know that stress, anxiety and the need for support do not differentiate between folks according to their income status… continue reading Flourishing

  • Lakeshore Counseling

    About Our Lakeshore Office The Fountain Hill Center has been providing innovative counseling and consultation services to residents of Oceana County since 2002 through our Lakeshore Office. The Lakeshore Office provides counseling and mental health services regardless of a client’s ability to pay. These services are vital.… continue reading Lakeshore Counseling

  • Parenting Programs

    All of us learn many things from our parents, and the conditioning we receive as children—the education, love, and support we either do or do not get—has the potential to impact us for the rest of our lives. At the Fountain Hill Center, we want… continue reading Parenting Programs