• Altogether Boys

    Clinical research indicates that middle school is perhaps the most delicate time in a boy’s development and that the choices we make for our sons now, the support we give or do not give them, will shape the men they become tomorrow. The Altogether Boys program… continue reading Altogether Boys

  • Counseling at Hart Public Schools

    Providing Needed Counseling at Hart Public Schools Beginning in fall 2013, the Fountain Hill center Lakeshore office began proving counseling at Hart Public Schools. Its partnership with Diman-Wolf Early Childhood Center will entail “Happy Family” services to children and families attending preschool programs. Our staff will visit… continue reading Counseling at Hart Public Schools

  • Counseling at Shelby Public Schools

    Providing Needed Counseling at Shelby Public Schools Beginning in fall 2013, our Lakeshore office began providing counseling at Shelby Public Schools to children, families, and staff. Our therapists will visit the Early Childhood Education Center on a regular basis to support children and families with challenges like… continue reading Counseling at Shelby Public Schools

  • Dégagé Minstries Men’s Group

    This group was started more than three years ago. It was a joint effort between Ada Bible Church and the Christian Counseling Center and is run by Dr. Dave Thornsen. The Men’s Group meets every Monday morning all year long and has become an encouraging… continue reading Dégagé Minstries Men’s Group

  • Flourishing

    a neighborhood counseling program The Flourishing Program is designed for individuals, couples and families who need counseling support but can’t fit it into their budgets.  We know that stress, anxiety and the need for support do not differentiate between folks according to their income status… continue reading Flourishing

  • Lakeshore Counseling

    The Fountain Hill Center has been providing innovative counseling and consultation services to residents of Oceana County since 2002 through our Lakeshore Counseling Office. The Lakeshore Counseling Office provides counseling and mental health services regardless of a client’s ability to pay. These services are vital. Thriving communities… continue reading Lakeshore Counseling