This school year, children, families, and staff at two Oceana county schools will have something they didn’t last year: increased support for counseling services.

Through the use of Great Start and Head Start funding, early childhood centers at both Shelby Public School and Hart Public School have contracted with the Fountain Hill Center Lakeshore office to increase counseling and consultation services.

Lynette Lentz, Principal of Thomas Reed Elementary states, “Counseling services are a critical part of ensuring our students have what they need to succeed.”

Jodi Munoz, Director of Early Childhood Programs at Hart Public Schools, echoes, “This partnership is what community building is all about. Schools are made better and stronger when each sector brings something to the table.”

Fountain Hill Center’s Executive Coordinator and New Era resident, Amy Van Gunst, is “excited about what this new partnership will bring to Oceana County. It’s a stepping stone. There is a very real gap in quality counseling services in our community and Fountain Hill Center is growing each day to meet those needs.”

Fountain Hill therapists will visit the centers on regular basis to support children and families with challenges like separation anxiety, transition times, making new friends, and behavior boundaries. They will also provide school staff with strategies to use in the classrooms. Parents will also be invited to use these strategies at home.

For more information about these partnerships and services, please visit our Outreach page.

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