Fundraising to Ensure Access to Mental Health Services

At the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation, we want to ensure that people have access to help when they need help and that stigma doesn’t keep people from seeking treatment when it’s available. Our fundraising efforts support projects and programs that answer these needs. Since its inception, the Fountain Hill Center has worked closely with community stakeholders to discover genuine needs and to innovate solutions. This year we are working on several outreach programs through our Low Income Outreach Fund. Learn more about these programs and how you can donate to support mental health options in your community below.

Emergency Outreach

When unexpected circumstances cause our clients to be unable to continue therapy for financial reasons, we try to support them through these transitions via our emergency outreach fund. Donations to this fund allow clients to continue receiving the counseling they need as they get their lives back on track.

Low Income, Rural Outreach at The Fountain Hill Center Lakeshore Office

The Fountain Hill Center Lakeshore Office provides counseling services in Oceana County, where more than 90% of our services are offered for free or at significantly reduced costs. According to the Michigan League for Public Policy’s 2017 Kid’s Count in Michigan Data Book, Oceana County ranks 80 out of 83 counties for overall child well-being, with 28.9% of children ages 0-17 living below the federal poverty level. The Lakeshore Office allows us to continue to turn the tide in Oceana County by supporting the enrichment of children and families through increasing their mental health awareness and options.

Positive Discipline

Through this program, we are offering parents, schools, and institutions the educational tools they need to understand children’s emotional and behavioral patterns and respond to problems in ways that achieve sustainable, healthy solutions. We are currently pursuing efforts to expand this educational service to low income families and schools/institutions that service at risk and impoverished child and adolescent populations. This program provides parents, educators, and children’s professionals metrics for assessing behavioral issues, tools for creating sustainable solutions to behavioral and emotional problems in children, and training for staff to implement standards.

Altogether Boys

In partnership with City High Middle School and The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation is developing and piloting a counseling program for middle school boys similar to other programs currently offered to girls in the area. This eight-week course, Altogether Boys, gives boys the opportunity to address issues with masculinity, peer pressure, relationships, mental wellness and violence. We are currently pursuing efforts to expand this program to other schools in the area. This program improves overall learning and self-esteem, provides participants with cultural awareness related to men and masculinity, and increases the likelihood that boys involved in the program will seek support when they need it.

Art Therapy Outreach

Recent studies have shown that having access to Art Therapy as an adjunct therapeutic modality creates high success rates for victims of trauma and abuse. Art Therapy Outreach will allow low income individuals whose insurance will not cover this therapy access to this treatment. This outreach program particularly targets pregnant women and mothers who are or have been victims of domestic violence and individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This program will help individuals develop the coping skills necessary to maintain stable employment, develop healthy parenting skills, and become symptom-free.