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Tips for Teens: Improving Your Sleep Habits

Sleep is essential for a teenager to perform their best. However, most polls show that they are missing the 8–10-hour mark by a wide margin: 45% of teenagers report getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night. Improving this number might be easier than you think.

The Difference CASA Makes

The director of the Oceana County CASA program, Bart Demeter, discusses the difference a CASA makes by talking about what it was like growing up in the foster care system.

Our Neighbors in Need: Supporting Refugees and their Families

Most of us have never had to face the threat of violence the way many of our refugee neighbors have. As mental health practitioners, we often hope to support them in any way that we can.

My Internship Experience at The Fountain Hill Center

As an intern at Fountain Hill, I was encouraged and empowered to make many of the decisions about how I wanted to work with my clients, just as I will in future practice as a licensed clinician.

Parental Alienation and Domestic Violence: What Gets Lost in the Fog?

Children reject the alienated parent in an effort to remain attached and loyal to the alienating parent out of fear, love, or confusion. The child concludes that it’s not safe for them to love both parents. In survival mode, they denigrate and reject one, while idealizing and supporting the other.

2019 Spring Newsletters

Spring has sprung! After so many cold and cloudy months, we hope you're enjoying the change of season as much as we are. Click below to access our 2019 Spring Newsletters for our Grand Rapids and Lakeshore Offices. Highlights include: Greetings and beginning of the...

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