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FHC’s Statement on Racism

The Fountain Hill Center works with anyone, regardless of race, religion, or gender, with respect and kindness. The collective of independent therapists continues to consciously be part of the solution and uphold equity and justice in the communities we serve.

The Plight of Immigrant Families and Individuals

My heart goes out to immigrant population wherever you are. There are so many things you all deal with in this country. In the process of acculturation and inculturation, you all have great struggles.

What Does It Mean to be an Intern at Fountain Hill?

Katie Hauge explores what it means to be an Intern at The Fountain Hill Center. She shares her journey from being a student to a professional.

Michigan Children’s Trust Fund Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Fountain Hill Center works in coordination with CTF for several programs to help children and families. The newsletter includes resources and information for anyone who needs help. The month of April is designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Importance of Using Love Languages

We’ve all heard it-“They don’t love me,” “They don’t care about me.” Sound familiar? Love and support look different for every person and every relationship. The “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman can help with communication for children, teens, parents, singles and couples.

The Bullet Points of Brainspotting

Brainspotting has been demonstrated to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, childhood trauma, attachment style, stress, performance issues, and disassociate disorders.

Funding for Mental Healthcare? A Tough Ask, Across the Globe

A Sobering Statistic As Advancement & Communications Coordinator for the Fountain Hill Center, my work includes quite a lot of reading. News articles, journal articles, research findings... And while reading up about the current state of funding for mental...

2019 Spring Newsletters

Spring has sprung! After so many cold and cloudy months, we hope you're enjoying the change of season as much as we are. Click below to access our 2019 Spring Newsletters for our Grand Rapids and Lakeshore Offices. Highlights include: Greetings and beginning of the...

What Your Therapist Does on Vacation

Do you ever wonder what your therapist does when they go on vacation from the Fountain Hill Center? Of course, everyone’s vacation time is different. However, I have been encouraged to share with you what my upcoming travels will look like. I am very excited to have...

Emotional Intelligence and Becoming Bilingual: An Antidote For Toxic Masculinity

We talk a lot about emotional intelligence these days in our work at the Men’s Resource Center. The topic of emotional intelligence is at the core of many key issues for men—accountability, empathy, and vulnerability. For men to be truly accountable, they need to...

When Self-Care is Not Fun

We have been talking a lot about self-care recently at both of the places where I work. In these conversations, self-care is usually framed as doing nice things for yourself. Maybe this means taking a walk in the woods, going out with friends, meditating, or taking a...

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