Welcoming New Counselors, Counseling Services

The Fountain Hill Center is pleased to welcome new counselors into our staff of therapists. This year, Blake Kooi, Ted Wohlford, Ben Burgess, and Lesley Menhart join us to continue The Fountain Hill Center tradition of providing a boutique of excellent counseling, therapeutic, and psychological services while working hard to ensure that our non-profit is responsive to community needs.

“We’re really excited to bring such a multi-talented group of therapists on board,” says Fountain Hill Center Executive Coordinator, Amy Van Gunst. “These folks bring a powerful array of counseling experience. They offer our clients expertise in counseling related to trauma, evaluation, the millennial experience, and a host of other focus areas that have enhanced the services we’re able to offer here at the Fountain Hill Center. Each of these counselors brings unique gifts that will help us achieve our vision of dynamic communities collaborating to support individual well-being. We’re really excited to include them in our work here.”

New Counselor Blake Kooi brings an array of Counseling Options to The Fountain Hill CenterOur new counselors offer both innovative approaches to therapy and traditional counseling techniques that are long standing in the therapeutic community. “I really love working with couples and helping folks cope with anxiety and depression, and I offer my clients a wide set of therapeutic options based on their individual needs.” says Blake Kooi, MA, LLPC. “That’s one of the things I like best about the Fountain Hill Center. I can meet my clients where they are at, and offer them a counseling approach that is going to work for what they, specifically, are going through. Whether that’s an existential, narrative, or CBT approach, we have the space to find something that works.”

Ted WohlfordNew Counselor Ted Wohlford brings an array of Counseling Options to The Fountain Hill Center, MA, LLPC, LLMFT, celebrates Fountain Hill’s commitment to offering excellent counseling for the couples and individuals he works with as well as The Fountain Hill Center’s combined effort to provide larger scale community healing. “I am really excited to have the opportunity to answer pressing individual counseling needs as they emerge – like internet and gaming addictions – while also working with a closely knit team of professionals expressly committed to outreach and listening to the needs of the community. At Fountain Hill, I can pursue my passion for providing excellent counseling, and grow as a therapist, while at the same time taking steps to achieve my vision of social justice. I am really proud to be part of a team like ours at Fountain Hill, which actively seeks to support everyone.”

Ben BurgessNew Counselor Ben Burgess brings an array of Counseling Options to The Fountain Hill Center, MA, LLP, is joining the Fountain Hill Center team to primarily offer court related counseling and evaluative services. “I work a lot with families involved in conflict. I help courts make determinations about what’s healthy for children and families regarding custody time, parenting capacity, and similar concerns. Working with people involved in the court system is a real opportunity to make healthy spaces where people can heal. It’s also really challenging, and my role is to provide information that helps courts make decision and helps individuals and families know what they need to move forward.” Ben also offers Parent Coordination and Co-Parent counseling to assist parents in developing strategies to parent well through family transitions and conflict.

Lesley MenhartNew Counselor Lesley Menhart brings an array of Counseling Options to The Fountain Hill Center, MA, LMSW, CAADC, joins the Fountain Hill Center as a social worker with an extensive range of counseling options for her clients. “The Fountain Hill Center is an exciting place to be – I have the freedom to really focus on my specializations as a therapist. Here I can offer my clients many options to heal from abuse, to heal from trauma, to manage stress, to navigate depression or anxiety, and to overcome addiction. As a therapist, I really value the freedom to be able to offer my clients a range of therapeutic methods, whether it’s neurofeedback or cognitive behavioral therapy, I have the option to really help my clients with the issues they are dealing with so that they can heal on an individual basis.”

The Fountain Hill Center is excited to host Blake, Ted, Ben and Lesley. Learn more about them on our website, and give us a call at 616.456.1178 or send us an email to get started with services today.