2015 Summer Newsletters

We have lots of news for you in our 2015 Summer Newsletters!

Click here to access our 2015 Summer Newsletter for our Grand Rapids Office and learn about new programs and insights from the therapists there. Highlights include:

  • A note from our Executive Coordinator, Amy Van Gunst
  • Getting started with counseling, from our Executive Assistant, Becky Plantinga
  • A recipe to tickle your tongue and your brain: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos (with optional Mango Ranch Drizzle!)
  • How to make the most of your family vacation, from child and family therapist Tracy Thompson
  • Information about exciting new community health programs
  • And more…

And click here to access our 2015 Summer Newsletter for our Lakeshore Office and learn about what we’re doing for our clients and community in Oceana County. Highlights include:

  • An article on play therapy, from Fountain Hill Center Writing Intern Sarah Rapisarda
  • Information about our Family Support Services pilot program (made possible by the Community Foundation for Oceana County)
  • The importance of prioritizing joy when it comes to our mental health
  • And more…

2015 Summer Newsletters Factoid: 50% of us will develop a mental illness sometime in our lives