Business Model

In so many ways, we think of ourselves as a family and this center as a part of a neighborhood and community that wants to grow and to thrive.  We operate from a lovely Heritage Hill home, The George Bundy House, built in 1884, and we are a nonprofit collective of licensed, independent therapists. As a center, we work together to hone our counseling practices and to put our vocations to work responding to the mental health and wholeness needs of our neighborhoods and communities. This is our model for growth as well, we don’t create executive initiatives and implement them into our communities, we listen to our neighbors and we respond to their needs. We believe this is the heart and soul of the counseling dynamic and incorporate these principles deeply within the structure and mechanics of our center’s day to day operations.

Our work together and our work within the community are held to the same set of principles that guides our work with clients – excellence, transparency, authenticity and honesty. For us, this occurs in a coordinated structure in which, to every extent possible, we make all our decisions by consensus.

We offer a sliding scale fee for some services, accept many insurances, provide an option to receive services from Fountain Hill Interns at significantly reduced rate, and operate a Low Income Outreach Fund. The bulk of this fund is used to support our Lakeshore Office where more than 90% of services are offered free of charge or at significantly discounted costs.  When available, this fund also helps us to offer temporary aid to clients when sudden financial hardships prevent them from continuing counseling services. For clients who want to begin services and do not have insurance, we also offer some of the areas brightest counseling interns. We support these interns with intensive supervision and case by case feedback from our senior staff members.