Our work together and our work within the community are also characterized by the same values that guide our work with clients: authenticity, differentiation, inclusion, and wholeness.

In our conversations, commitments, and individual work, we consistently evince authenticity—we chart our work with a focus on candor, kindness, and a full appreciation for the truths we share and cultivate.

In our staff culture and in our work, we are firmly committed to nurturing well-differentiated relationships through a culture of mutual respect, self-care, and honesty, because we believe that communities flourish when individuals are empowered to manage their own sense of self.

In our work and advancement, we are firmly committed to inclusion by actively engaging and listening to diverse communities, and by honoring diversity in all its forms in our governance, recruitment, programming, and outreach.

In our staff culture and in our engagement with communities, we consistently support wholeness by understanding that each person’s well-being is a part of their unique journey and includes relational, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual struggles.