In order to provide the most effective support for each individual’s path to well-being, our therapists and staff endeavor to provide services in accordance with the following principles:


In order to effectively support individual and community well-being, we must cultivate the courage to confront obstacles with honesty. Real growth emerges when we authentically recognize and become accountable for both our talents and our limits. We are committed to supporting each other, our clients, and our communities to build real, vibrant relationships made possible by honest dialogue and recognition.


We understand that each person is on a unique journey. Regardless of class, ability, gender, race, color, creed, or circumstance, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have support as they seek well-being and wholeness. We share our services and our culture of authenticity, accountability, and differentiation with all clients and communities.


Well-being is by its nature unique to each individual and social context. For each of our clients and in each program we offer, we nurture a culture of excellence and innovation. We are a collaborative staff that supports individual therapists as they hone expertise, and we harness our shared wisdom to offer continuity of care and creative solutions to issues of emotional, relational, and mental well-being.