How We Operate

In so many ways, we think of ourselves as a family and this center as part of a broader West Michigan community that wants to grow and thrive. We operate from two locations, one in Grand Rapids, MI, and one in New Era, MI, and we strive to respond to the mental health and wholeness needs of our neighbors in both locations.

As a Center, we work together to hone our counseling practices and put our vocations to work responding to the needs of our clients, surrounding neighborhoods, and broader community, keeping in mind always the ways in which individual healing and transformation are the foundation for community health and wholeness.

Working together is our model for growth, as well. We don’t create executive initiatives and then implement them into our communities. Instead, we listen to our neighbors and respond to their genuine needs. For us, this occurs in a coordinated structure in which, to every extent possible, we make all our decisions by consensus. We believe this to be the heart and soul of the counseling dynamic, and we incorporate these principles of collaboration and inclusion within the structure and mechanics of our center’s day to day operations.


  • Focus on Access

    The top three reasons that people in need of counseling fail to access the services that would help them live their full potential are: stigma, cost, and lack of available providers. At The Fountain Hill Center, we’re committed to chipping away at all three of… continue reading Focus on Access

  • Principles

    In order to provide the most effective support for each individual’s path to well-being, our therapists and staff endeavor to provide services in accordance with the following principles: Honesty In order to effectively support individual and community well-being, we must cultivate the courage to confront… continue reading Principles

  • Values

    Our work together and our work within the community are also characterized by the same values that guide our work with clients: authenticity, differentiation, inclusion, and wholeness. In our conversations, commitments, and individual work, we consistently evince authenticity—we chart our work with a focus on candor,… continue reading Values