About Fountain Hill Center

  • Board Members

    The Fountain Hill Center is guided and overseen by two different advisory bodies: a Board of Trustees, composed of up to 11 board members, and a Lakeshore Advisory Committee, composed of a potentially unlimited number of members. The Board of Trustees has always played a… continue reading Board Members

  • Business Model

    The Fountain Hill Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has been since it was incorporated in 1976. Our primary office is the Bundy House, located in downtown Grand Rapids’s Heritage Hill neighborhood. In 2002, we opened a secondary office in New Era, MI (Oceana… continue reading Business Model

  • Employment Opportunities

    At the Fountain Hill Center, we believe in the power of mental health and wellness services to effect positive transformation in individual lives and entire communities. And we seek to provide these services regardless of class, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, or circumstance.… continue reading Employment Opportunities

  • History of the Bundy House

    The Fountain Hill Center is fortunate enough to have the Bundy House for its main office, one of the many historic properties located in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s┬áHeritage Hill Historic District. The district is one of the largest urban historic districts in the United States and… continue reading History of the Bundy House

  • How We Operate

    In so many ways, we think of ourselves as a family and this center as part of a broader West Michigan community that wants to grow and thrive. We operate from two locations, one in Grand Rapids, MI, and one in New Era, MI, and… continue reading How We Operate

  • Mission & Vision

    Our Mission The mission of the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation is to provide pathways to healing and transformation, both personal and relational, through diverse and innovative therapeutic, educational, evaluative, and consultative services. Our Vision We envision a West Michigan composed of interlocking,… continue reading Mission & Vision

  • Support Staff

    The Fountain Hill Center is fortunate to benefit from the contributions of several dedicated support staff. Browse these pages to learn more about each of our support staff members, including what they can assist you with and how best to contact them. Any of our… continue reading Support Staff