Every February, The Fountain Hill Center’s Lakeshore Counseling Office celebrates joy, healing, and flourishing with our annual fundraiser, Laughing Matters.

This year, we invited students to celebrate with us by sharing stories about a time when laughing mattered to them. Our Story Contest was open to students in all grade levels, ages 5-18, and submissions were required to be between 25 and 500 words.

Here are this year’s top 5 entries, culminating with that of our Grand Prize winner, Annie Muller:

When Laughing Mattered Most to Me

By Bailey Dickman, 4th Grade

One time these friends of ours were going through some tough times. Our family was trying to help as much as we could. My dad offered to have  their kids come over to sled at our house. But they said, “Only Blake can come over, is that ok?” “Yeah for sure!” we said over the phone. When he came over his dad stayed to talk a little. I was getting him and my dad some coffee and he said, “My mom was sad and I tried to cheer her up and said don’t worry mom you will see Pat very, very soon in heaven because she is so old.” My dad, mom and me started cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good to hear him laugh when they were going through this rough time.

When Laughing Matters

By Oscar Leonides, 4th Grade

Once I went to Wesco and drank a slushy. When I was drinking it, I had a BRAIN FREEZE. My sister was laughing so hard. She was drinking too and then she got a BRAIN FREEZE.  Then my baby sister took both our slushies. She was so sneaky. Then our brain freeze stopped. We went back outside and me and my sister said, “Where are our SLUSHIES?”  We looked everywhere outside and inside. We went to my mom’s room and we heard a noise. My three year old sister was drinking our slushies. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY SLUSHY!”  I went upstairs to my room. I was going downstairs and my sister pop out of nowhere. Then I screamed and my sister laughed so hard. My baby sister thought I was doing a magic trick, like I’m going to disappear. Then she said, “OSCAR!”  I was laughing and she saw me. I said, “noooooo!” Then I felt sad because she found me, but it was okay.

Why I Like Laughing

By Robert Marquez Soto, 4th Grade

One day I was at my table eating dinner. I was sad but my mom was telling a really good joke. My moms joke was Where do germs live?

In Germany.

I couldn’t hold in the milk I just put in my mouth. As  soon as she finished the joke, I spit out my milk all  over the table. But lucky  enough my mom had just  put milk in her mouth and  spit her milk out too!!!! The table  was a mess and I had to  clean it up. A few days later me and my mom had a  good laugh about that day.

When Laughing Mattered to Me

By Ethan Viterna, 4th Grade

Once I was sad because my mom couldn’t pick me up. I started to cheer up when my sister and brother jumped out and tickled me. I laughed so hard that it hurt my ears. I tried to calm down. I was laughing so hard I thought I was never going to calm down. It was funny that my sister and brother were able to hide and get me like that. That’s when laughing mattered to me.

Laughing Is Important

By Annie Muller, 3rd Grade

Laughing is important to me because it makes my life so much better.  When laughing was most important to me was when I saw my God-mother Nanny.  She was so funny and always had a smile on her face.  One day, when she could no longer walk easily, Nanny drove back in our woods, in her car, to see all of the wildflowers.  Nanny got her car stuck in the mud and she called my mom to help dig her out.  Nanny also had a dog named Starla and since Nanny couldn’t walk that well she would hold Starla’s leash out the window of her car so Starla could run while Nanny was driving.  It was so funny to see!  When I saw Nanny she made me so cheerful.  Four years ago, Nanny died, and laughing no longer came to me as easily as it did when she was alive.

But now I have someone else to make me laugh; her name is Alida.  She is my little sister who is four-years-old and she is so funny and cute.  She makes my days just a little better.  She is always singing songs or acting out stories.  Alida likes getting things from the kitchen and she makes something that she calls, “Green Lunch.”  It is a concoction of seeds, oil, flour, leaves, and green food dye.  It is hilarious because she wants everyone to try it and it looks, and probably tastes, disgusting!

Laughing is so important to me because it can put a smile on anyone’s face, any day.  Someone can make you laugh whether they are young or old, whether it is a person, an animal, or even a picture.  Laughter brings joy to my life.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Laughing Matters Story Contest! We received twice as many submissions as last year and appreciated each and every one.

Congratulations again to our winners, and thank you for sharing a time when laughing mattered to you!