Article Archives: May 2013

So, What is Art Therapy?

People ask me “What is art therapy?” a lot. Most try to give it a shot by adding the two words together. Art … so you do some kind of creative activity and then there is a therapeutic quality incorporated. This is pretty close to… continue reading So, What is Art Therapy?

We need your help!

One of our therapists, and Director of the Men’s Resource Center Randy Flood, is co-authoring a book to help women understand what’s going on inside men’s heads. Due to the lack of research on this topic, Randy and his co-author Charlie Donaldson, are conducting their… continue reading We need your help!

Couples counseling isn’t just for the broken

By: Heather Miller, Marriage and Family Counseling Intern Couple’s counseling can strengthen your relationship by providing new tools for you and your partner to use to improve your relationship. Some individuals hesitate to seek out couple’s counseling for fear of exposing struggles in their partnerships… continue reading Couples counseling isn’t just for the broken

Men’s Support Systems are Vital

Putting the terms “men” and “support” together may still be considered an oxymoron. The ideas that “men don’t ask for directions,” or “men don’t ask for help” continue to describe a reality for many men. It is not uncommon for the concept of support to be… continue reading Men’s Support Systems are Vital