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Over the years, the Fountain Hill Center has engaged in limited fundraising efforts and have been generously supported by the Friends of the Center. These efforts have led to the establishment of the Al DeVoogd Outreach Fund, the Andrew D. Atwood Staff Development Fund, the purchase of the Heritage Hill home in which we are so fortunate to practice, and other targeted projects (see below).

Outreach Fund:

We continue fundraising in order to maintain our beautiful home as well as to provide services to people who are otherwise unable to afford them. We frequently have clients who have started treatment and are making gains, but then are faced with a job loss or other financial circumstances that leave them unable to pay for treatment. The therapists at the Fountain Hill Center have committed to doing everything we can to help these people continue their treatment. With generous assistance from many organizations and individuals, we continue to be committed to this effort.

In 2013, our therapists provided 2,600+ hours of counseling to those who could otherwise not afford it. Help us reach more individuals, children, and families in our community by considering a tax-deductible donation:



Other Projects:


  • Art Therapy at Fountain Hill Center

    What’s Art Therapy? My name is Chelsea Van Tongeren. I’m a limited license professional counselor, and one of the only counselors in Grand Rapids with a master’s degree in art therapy. Art therapy uses art as an additional communicative tool in a therapeutic relationship. It can… continue reading Art Therapy at Fountain Hill Center